shock collars for small dogs

Shock collars as we all know are training collars previously used to tame wild dogs and currently used to train pet dogs and pups to make them respond to various simple commands like “sit”, “stand” or to fetch a twig or to train them to bark less if they happen to be a persistent barker.

Since shock collars are a controversial topic been debated upon , a relatively safer and pet-friendly option would be the Anti-bark collars which uses sounds and vibrations to train your dog progressively into barking lesser. It is a type of reinforcement to bring about the desired behaviour.

In this article we bring to you the best-selling ,most trustworthy and pet-friendly shock Anti-Bark collars suitable for small dogs:




The Petitc Anti Bark collar is one of the safest, flexible, anti-bark collar in the market with its safe-on-skin motoplastic material and two small rounded nodes which does not bite into the fur of your dog uses sound and vibrations through levels 1-7 to reinforce behaviour in case your pet happens to be that dog which wakes up the entire neighbourhood in the middle of the night with its incessant barking.

The collar gets activated when your dog starts barking;

Levels 1-2: Progressing sound signal

Levels 3-7: Progressing sound signal and vibration

If your dog stops barking the collar will automatically reset to default settings.



-It has 7 levels of sensitivity which can be adjusted according to your dog’s barking

 -Its an automatic collar which doesn’t need you to fumble with the remote control in the middle of the night

-It is safe on fur, doesn’t cause discomfort to your pet

-Adjustable strap allowing use on extra small and small dogs



-Loud disturbing beeping sound

-Takes time to get activated

-No digital indication of sensitivity levels, only +/- buttons present.




The Pet King Anti Bark collar comes works on the sound and vibration principles across various levels of sensitivity to progressively train your dog to bark less. It comes with a sturdy, rain-proof collar material along with rounded nodes on them ,safe and humane on pets.

The levels available are as follows:

Level 1 – Sound Stimulation

Level 2 – Increased Sound Stimulation

Level 3 – Increased Sound & Vibration Stimulation

Level 4-7 Intense Increasing Sound & Vibration Stimulation

It has a barking correction time of 1 minute, resets to default on accomplishment of desired behaviour.



-Easy to use

-Rainproof collar




-Short battery life

– One-size-for all collar, lose on some breeds

-Equipment quite bulky




The WIZCO Anti Bark collar boasts of a dual technology based on vibration and strong vibration mode which can be adjusted according to your dog. It is safe, comfortable and definitely pet friendly with its light-weight, less-bulky waterproof collar.

It consists of a smart chip which can pick up even the faintest of barks of small dogs and reinforces behaviour by mild vibrations, which if needed can be made stronger by pressing a button.

It also includes a LED Display showing the battery level of the collar and is rechargeable through USB.



-Easy to use dual mode

-Effective training device




-Not indicated in dogs with separation anxiety

-Dogs tend to get used to the vibration after a few weeks




The HVRSTVILL Anti Bark collar comes with two modes and 7 sensitivity levels including the beep and vibration mode. It’s simple to activate, place a few cms below the neck of the dog, might require trimming of fur around that area. Make sure to remove the normal collar before setting up the Anti-Bark collar.

It has smart sensors which differentiates your dog’s bark from others and has fast charge rechargeable battery.



-Adjustable, comfortable strap

-Fast charging, rechargeable battery

-Smart sensors



-Quite bulky

-Takes time to set it up

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