How to Clean Your Dog Leashes At Home

You would not wish to wear a clothe for months without washing it. An equivalent case is together with your dog’s leashes. An unclean dog leashes makes both you and your dog uncomfortable. Also, if you allow water or dirt on your dog’s leashes, it’ll expand microorganisms like bacteria. Luckily, cleaning your dog’s leashes is extremely simple; doing so will make the leashes look new and prevent a foul smell. Click Here to urge a broad range of washable dog leashes for your dogs! Your dog features a right you, and it’s your moral duty to scrub its leashes regularly!

Simple DIY for laundry Dog’s Leashes at Homes

You can follow these simple steps if you’re checking out an all-purpose solution for correct leashes washing regularly. It’ll only take 10-15 minutes.

Items Required

l Rubber gloves

l A toothbrush or the other brush

l Baking soda

l Bowl or bucket

l Towel

l Lavender oil or any volatile oil

Step 1: Make Cleaning Solution

Make a cleaning solution by adding two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda during a bucket or bowl crammed with warm water or stir it well.

Step 2: Soak the Leashes

Soak the collar during this cleaning solution for nearly 10-12 minutes.

Step 3: Scrubbing Time

Scrub the leashes employing a toothbrush or the other brush to wash the leashes. Repeat steps 1- 3 until the leashes is clean.

Step 4: Rinse All the items.

Rinse and clean the bucket or bowl and collar with water and again, fill the bucket or bowl with water.

Step 5: Add Lavender Oil

Add two or a few drops of lavender oil to that. You furthermore may have the selection of utilizing peppermint oil/essential oil. Dip the leashes in it till the bad smell faded away.

Step 6: Rinse Well Again

Rinse the raincoat again by placing it under running water or tap.

Step 7: Dry Well

You did well! Your fresh-smelling dog’s leashes is prepared to put on your dog. Place the leashes on a flat surface to dry it properly.

You can use the cleaning mentioned above procedures are often used for leashes.

Additional Useful Tips

  • If the leashes has deep stains, add one teaspoon of apple cider to the cleaning solution.
  • Use soap if you observe discoloration or stains on the leashes.
  • You may also use dog shampoo to scrub synthetic leashes.
  • You may use dog shampoo or gentle dish wash to wash the leashes.

Caution & Considerations

Wear rubber gloves to avoid drying and irritation of skin using vinegar.

Never use bleach on your dog’s leashes.

Never use commercial leather cleaning products to scrub leashes as these may irritate dogs and prove poisonous to dogs.

Only place a thoroughly dried leashes on your dog.


Washing your dog’s leashes when bathing him will take just some extra minutes of yours but can protect your dog from many diseases and avoiding the buildup of grime and dirt that results in foul odor.

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