Best Hands Free Dog Leads review 2020

The Active Choice: Cadrim Hands Free Dog Walking Belt


This sturdy hands-free option is for runners and walkers alike. The fully adjustable clip-closure belt is high-durability, distributing the tug equally across your body. It features a slimline compartment and a second drawstring pouch, both detachable – a great arrangement for you and your dog if you want to keep your valuables and their treats separate. Reflective stitching in the lead and a reflective band on the belt make this a smart choice for early risers and late runners, particularly in urban environments.

The detachable lead boasts a shock absorbing function, allowing it to extend from 3 to 4.5 ft for you to comfortably accommodate particularly excitable or active dogs up to 60kg. Be aware of customer reports that the leash is quite tight, providing little ‘give’ and making for a close and potentially uncomfortable outing for especially small dogs or especially tall walkers. 

Note, too, that the belt padding is located at the front, and is of narrow breadth, so those with sensitive backs may want to consider the better pressure distribution provided by Pecute’s model below.  Be sure to check that the pouch dimensions will fit your valuables – it may not be roomy enough for larger smartphones and headphones. 

Key Features:


  • Shock absorbing leash – up to 4,5ft extension
  • Two detachable storage pouches
  • Reflective stitching and belt band
  • 213g

The Versatile Option: YOUTHINK 3-in-one Running Lead


This unique offering combines value with versatility. An additional leash attachment is included to turn the hands-free walker into a hands-free double-leash for two medium to small sized dogs. The leash attachments are of adjustable length, and fixed on a tangle-free clasp. Whilst this setup may take some adjusting to, especially with particularly wandering dogs, the 360° clasp design performs well and is a welcome addition to the leash, and causes no issues when not in use.

The pouch is not spacious, but is padded and fits to the lower back – this is good for tension distribution, and allows for relatively good storage without disrupting the line of the body. Whilst the bungee cord has more give than the Cadrim option (two dogs will have 6.6ft each at full extension) and less stiffness, the metal links are on occasion known to snap. In all, this is an ideal choice for relaxed customers looking for practicality and versatility, whether they are taking a gentle jog or a longer amble.

Key Features:

  • Shock absorbing leash – up to 6,6ft extension
  • No-tangle leash coupler
  • Reflective stitching
  • 520g

The Level-Up: One Trail Hands Free


At the higher end of the price range is One Trail’s hands free adjustable bungee leash with a plastic buckle fastening, designed by runners, for runners. Its compact but practical dimensions come with a professional finish in breathable fabrics, meaning the snug, no-bounce design provides a sweat-free fit. The front pocket is easy-access for treats, and the belt comes with a built-in zip pocket and pull dispenser for holding waste bags. 

The pockets may be too streamlined for some runners, so check the size of your phone, key fobs, and various accessories against the dimensions. The lead extension is designed to keep your dogs relatively close – again, this is a product for the runners, not the relaxed ramblers. But if you’re looking for streamlined, high-performance gear for vigorous exercise, this is the one for you.

Key Features:

  • Breathable, water resistant fabric
  • No-bounce belt pack design
  • Bungee leashes in small (4ft) and large (5ft)
  • 295g

For the Trekker: Pecute Hands Free Lead


Those needing to keep their pace gentle would do well to start here. The broad belt distributes tension broadly across the lower back, and the double-bungee technology in the leash further balances out harder pulling, and extends up to 8 ft. An additional handle allows walkers to shorten this lengthy leash where needed, but really this leash comes into its own in large open spaces and on long treks. 

This belt provides the best storage features of our selection here, with the same waste bag dispenser system as the One Trail model above, in addition to two multi-use compartments for secure storage and supplies – it is the one featured leash here that will fit a water bottle! Whilst this makes it a heavier design, the larger and better distributed storage makes it better suited to those who need to carry additional supplies or prioritise physical care. 

The generous leash length makes this less suitable for runners in areas of high traffic, however, and the storage may be too bulky for anyone looking to streamline their exercise.


Key Features:

  • Wide-support waist belt
  • Double bungee design
  • Reflective lead
  • 470g

Keep it Chic: Leather Multi-use Lead

This 100% genuine  leather option is for the casual walker, and what it lacks in ergonomics and functional versatility it makes up for in a tasteful, durable, and simple design. It features a coupler for walking two dogs at once, and customers can choose between a longer (4.5ft) and shorter (4ft) leash depending on requirements. It can be used in multiple configurations, including hands-free when looped around the shoulder, or as a regular one-handed leash. 

The cowhide, thin as it looks, performs well with large and energetic dogs, and only becomes softer and more comfortable with use. Customers familiar with leather upkeep know it will benefit from maintenance – leather wax after periods of rain, and double-checking the stitching every few months. But this does not appear requisite. 

This model is perfect for the casual walker with an eye for optics, and makes for a thoughtful and classy gift – but runners will want to prioritise the other more shock absorbent, practical options above. 

Key Features:

  • 100% genuine leather
  • Coupler for two dogs
  • 200g

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