Best Double dog Leads review 2020

U-picks Double Dog Lead,Dual Pet Dog Leash Reflective Bungee Absorb Shock 360°No Tangle for Two Dog Walking/Training


Walking the dog is one of life’s great pleasures but walking two dogs can sometimes be less fun than it should. 

One way round this is the double lead with the U-pick Double Dog Lead Reviews considered one of the best.This is one long lead connected via a tangle-free swivel that can rotate through 360 degrees to two shorter leads meaning one walker can exercise two dogs, each of which will have enough freedom of movement.

The two leads use a state of the art bungee jumping design allowing them to expand quickly from 20 to 35 inches – making the U-Pick especially useful for bigger and more active dogs.  

As for the walker such a design and the best dog harnesses used take the strain and cuts out that annoying being tugged feeling when dogs move suddenly and quickly. That’s also helped by a padded handle.

U-Pick also uses reflective stitching to increase nighttime visibility keeping both pets and walker an extra bit safer during the dark. Just what you want for your dogs and yourself.

Key features:


  • Double extendable lead 
  • No tangle360 degree swivel
  • Bungee design
  • Reflective stitching

Queta Double Dog Leads, 3M Flexible Retractable Dog Lead with Torch and Bin Bag Dispenser

Walking two dogs sometimes brings with it the need to be flexible which the Queta Double Dog Leads provides and in style. 

The Queta double retractable allows two dogs to be walked but as the leads are controlled individually the walker has flexibility for each dog. More so as each lead is three metres.  

This makes it ideal for people walking mixed pairs of dogs such as an old and young couple or a fast and slow double. 

Making this a pleasure to use is the ergonomically designed handle which uses patented non-slip rubber to fit comfortably into the hand of any lucky walker.

On top of that the Queta is equipped with a small dispenser – something handy for any dog lover and walker – which is also being sold as part of the package. 

As well as the dispenser there are thirty dog bags and both the double and the dispenser are backed up by a one year warranty, Customers are also being given unconditional refund or replacement of a new filter in case of quality problems.

Key Features:

  • Two individual retractable leads of up to three metres.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Comes with a small dispenser
  • Sold as part of a package

Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash Coupler with Two Dual Padded Handles - No Tangle Splitter Swivel, Reflective Stitching, 3/4 Inch Wide and Adjustable 22-32 Inch - Best for Walking 2 Small Dogs

Walking dogs in an urban environment brings its own challenges which the Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash Coupler with Two Dual Padded Handles tackles head on. 

Here rather than one handset controlling both dogs there are padded handles on each side of a coupler lead. These leads are either side of a no-tangle swivel but the handle means either dog can be controlled when needed by an individual pull. This is very much a lead for busy streets and intersections.  

 The handles are made of sturdy but flexible neoprene and are soft padded to protect hands from heavy pulling dogs as well as having reflective stitching for enhanced night time safety. 

Perhaps reflecting its urban focus this lead is specifically made for small to medium dogs, those under 35lbs, although it can be adjusted for dogs of different heights.

So confident are the makers of its uses and quality they offer it with a lifetime guarantee and a replacement coupler leash.

Key features:

  • Handles on either lead supplement a swivel and allow for greater control
  • Good in urban environments
  • Specifically made for small and medium breeds
  • Lifetime guarantee

Lukovee dog coupler lead two dogs, double splitter leads for dogs Tangle Free Dual Pet Leash Coupler Connect to General Lead Slideable Walking Training Ropes with 360° Swivel Hook for 2 Dogs Daily Use

Walking the dogs is a daily pleasure one enhanced by a good practical lead and the Lukovee double lead with its innovative slideable feature offers that. 

The Lukovee double lead is different as the two dogs are connected not to the same swivel but one of is clipped to the main lead with clips that can slide up and down easily.

This gives the dogs a great deal of extra movement as well as being very flexible and is a good for a mixed pair of dogs – a short and tall pair for example.  It also allows the dogs to do different things.  

Lukovee have built on many established safety practices. For example there is a tangle free metal circular ring in each clip and 360 degree alloy clips to connect to either a dog harness or collar. 

Key features:

  • Innovative slide design
  • Practical high-density nylon with reflective stitching.

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