Best Dog Collars 2021 review

Responsible dog owners know that one of the first pieces of equipment you purchase for your furry friend is a collar. With so many options available, how do you know which one is best for you and your dog? Do you buy one for looks, quality, durability, comfort, high reviews, all of the above? It can be overwhelming choosing a collar that will meet the demands of your pooch, while satisfying your peace of mind knowing you have made the best choice possible for your four-legged buddy. Read through the following reviews of five dog collars to help you make an informed decision.

GoTags Personalized Dog Collar, Custom Embroidered with Pet Name and Phone Number

We all know dogs like to run. A lot. And, sometimes, they like to run away from their homes and owners. With this particular collar, you will have assurance knowing that in the nerve-wracking event your dog gets away from you, they can be easily identified. In sizes ranging from extra small to large, and five fun colors suitable for male and female dogs, you can have your pet’s name and phone number stitched right on the collar. And with fifteen embroidery thread color options, there is a one for every owner and dog. The collar is made of high quality nylon with tapered edges to be as comfortable as possible around your dog’s neck. There is also a stainless steel D-ring to attach tags and leashes. And, another nice feature, is a plastic side release buckle for easy removal.
This collar comes highly rated. It is a good quality dog collar, with clear lettering. One thing to watch out for is that the personalized identification information may be slightly hidden when adjusted to fit your dog’s neck.

Blueberry Pet Essentials 12 Colors Classic Solid Color Collection

If you are looking for a basic collar for your fur baby, this is a good choice. This collar comes in sizes extra small to large, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for your dog. It is made of nylon, with a high density webbing, to increase its durability. The buckles are made of eco-friendly plastic, and it comes with a chrome plated metal D-ring to add to the stability of this simple collar. In 22 colors, you will find one that strikes your fancy for your friend.
This is a good quality and durable collar that stands the test of time. It has strong clasps, an unobtrusive company logo, and fits most dogs well. The smooth material might mean more frequent adjustments. And with dogs that like to pull hard, the stitching and glue might come undone with the extra tension. But over all, this would be a nice choice for your dog.

Illumiseen LED Dog Collar-USB Rechargeable

If you are looking for a collar that highlights safety through visibility, then this is for you. Available in six beautiful colors, and in sizes extra x-small to extra-large to fit any size dog, this collar can save your dog’s life. You have three light mode options of steady, rapid flash, or slow flash that you can easily change with just one click. The collar has a USB rechargeable battery with the charging cord included. For every one hour of charge, the collar will stay lit for five hours ensuring safety and visibility at all times of the day. The collar is made of lightweight, well-made, and durable materials. It has a lifetime guarantee. And, for an added safety feature, you can purchase Illumiseen dog leashes to match the collar.
On top of being brightly lit, it is sturdy and water resistant, with good customer service should there be an issue. The collar does have a tendency to run big, so make sure you measure your dog’s neck correctly. Also, the charging cord is not universal, so you will want to make sure not to misplace it.

Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

This collar is for a dog who wants some style. This beautiful collar is made of naturally tanned genuine leather that is both chemical and dye free. The hardware is made of solid brass so it will not rust. The inside of the collar is made of comfortable padding to prevent irritation around your dog’s neck. This particular collar has two added bonus features. First, there is a small built-in ring next to the buckle for tags. Second, the D-ring is located at the top of the collar for easier leash attachment. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and will be replaced should a failure occur due to materials or workmanship.
This collar gets high marks for solid quality, materials, and customer service. You will want to ensure that you have measured your dog’s neck properly, as sizing might be slightly off based on the sizing chart

Country Brook Petz-Premium Nylon Dog Collar with Metal Buckle

If you are looking for a no frills, but long-wearing collar, then look no further. With 25 different colors to choose from, you will find something for a male or female dog in sizes small to extra-large. The collar is adjustable, and comes in two widths, depending on the size of your dog. It is made of dense bonded B69 nylon, with box stitching at pressure points, for daily use and to prevent fraying and breakage, especially for rigorous pullers. The collar is made of colorfast dye to avoid fading and running when wet. Though heavy-duty, the nylon is still soft to be comfortable for your furry friend. The hardware is made of aluminum and stainless steel to safeguard strength and longevity. It comes with a stainless steel pin and spring lock that is solid, resilient, and secure. And the D-ring is welded to withstand larger amounts of tension.
This collar earns accolades with its tough nylon material, robust metal buckle, and ability to hold up to larger breeds. Some colors, however, might not be as colorfast as others.

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